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Never Wish Them Pain


Sometimes our knee-jerk reaction is to 'get em back'. But how often do we regret that. Take a moment, breathe, think. You are better than that, it's not who you are. Be kind to yourself and to others. 💜

Never Blame Anyone In Your Life


Most situations have something we can learn from them. Sometimes it's ok to sit with it and think, ok this is sh*t, but try not to dwell there to long. Turn it around, look at it, and see what you can you learn from it 💜


Just Because You Have A Meltdown


There is nothing weak about having a cry or meltdown, or admitting that times are difficult. Admitting it and asking for help are the actions of the strongest.

If you feel you could use some help at this time, please ask. Don't go through this alone when there is an alternative 💜

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ACTO Professional Member


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